Musica, Tv’s e WI FI

Wi-Fi Access@BalconyRio

Probably the best place to watch your favorite sporting event:  Balcony features 16 Flat screens with four different channels unless one of the major events is on.  Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can meet all kinds of interesting people.  Free WiFi.  Live Music every weekday starting during Happy Hour;  Weekends, there is live music starting at 3:00 PM until 8:00 at night.  Recorded music lists play 24 hours per day comprising all types of Music, but, with predominantly popular American Music.

How do I connect?

To connect all you need is a device that is Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) enabled. Though most modern PDA, Phone devices and laptops are Wi-Fi enabled, in case you have an older version, you can easily get certified chip for compliance with a Wi-Fi wireless LAN standard. Just switch on your device and click the CONNECT button on the Rio Balcony’s splash page.

Will a private VPN work with Rio Balcony’s Wi-Fi?

Generally Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that run on laptops and Notebooks are compatible with AT&T Wireless’ network. If your organization allows remote access into the corporate network, then you can easily connect. The IP addresses provided by AT&T Wireless generally support all VPN technology which is Internet Protocol Version 4 (Ipv4) compliant.

Speed of AT&T Wireless' Wi-Fi service at Rio Balcony?

Assure you of high speed Internet access; almost 50 times better than any standard dial-up service. Data-transfer rates of course depend upon on the underlying transport rate.

Wired Equivalency Protection encryption for AT&T Wireless wireless network!

AT&T Wireless does not provide Wired Equivalency Protection on equipment used in their networks. AT&T Wireless supports secure Virtual Private Network (access for optimum security. and encourages users to observe standard security practices.

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