About Us


alcony is a unique full service 24/7 restaurant started in 2002 that employs over 100 full time employees serving international as well as Brazilian cuisine. We have no doors, so we can’t close! You are just as welcome at 5:00 in the morning as 5:00 in the afternoon! We roast our own coffee, bake our own bread, make our own desserts, and create some of the best dishes in Rio de Janeiro. You are now on Av. Atlantica which has long been a place for festivities, parades, special events, restaurants, clubs, shows, etc…. a place for entertainment and fun… (the people and characters are very entertaining) so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! BALCONY IS POSSIBLY THE MOST INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT IN RIO DE JANEIRO WHERE YOU CAN MEET PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Because of that it is becoming an increasingly popular place for establishing international business contacts. Balcony offers free Wi-Fi. If for some reason that is not working, there is Orla Wi-Fi provided by the City of Rio de Janeiro. Balcony prides itself on cleanliness, high quality of food, personal service and attention to all guests. Diversity? Enjoy the best pizza (homemade crust), fillet on a tableside grill, Japanese, and more. Oh!, Balcony offers the only bagels (homemade of course) we know of in Rio de Janeiro. Can I get them with cream cheese and smoked salmon too? Yes, of course!

We also try to give something back to the community that supports us, by offering an “all you can eat” R$10.00 buffet breakfast from 4:00 AM till 10:00AM and free appetizers for a happy hour at 5:00PM (for consuming clientele) with free live local entertainment from 5:30PM till 9:30PM weekdays and 3:00PM till 8:00PM on weekends. Balcony roasted coffee: From Brazil’s finest coffee farms in the high altitude mountains of Minas Gerais. You receive one, complementary home-made bread (7 Grains or French) in the morning with your coffee, with butter too!

If you are in a hurry, you might want to call in advance regarding expected wait time for a table because we become very busy at times. When that is the case, our atmosphere is still casual so we invite you to order one of our delicious beverages and perhaps an appetizer while you wait for your table. Our full line of beverages includes fresh fruit as well as frozen fruit juices; or, how about an authentic Brazilian Caipirinha or a Brazilian chope (draught beer – sensational spelling “chopp”)? But most of all, we want you to enjoy your time in Rio, the “Marvelous City”. If we can assist you with anything else, just ask one of our staff. On a cautionary note, there are occasionally unsavory characters that hang around in the streets near Balcony, (as any other tourist areas) so we encourage you to be aware. You don’t have to be paranoid; Rio is just like any large city. Balcony has no control over street matters…this is Police & City jurisdiction which Balcony is trying to work with to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. One of the major assets of Rio de Janeiro is the diversity of cultures, tolerance and respect for personal freedoms concerning race, color, sexual preferences as well as the vast number and types of restaurants and cuisines. Balcony fits in perfectly with Rio’s non-discrimination policies and is as entertaining a restaurant as you can find anywhere. Enjoy your Balcony experience!

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